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•   Ann Parker-Burgess  7/18
•   Claude Poppenheimer  7/18
•   Ann Marie Tate (May)  7/17
•   Debra Pace-Branan  7/5
•   Clifford Emery  6/30
•   Richard Troutt  6/28
•   Raymond Butler, Jr.  6/23
•   Margaret Edwards-Gabelman  6/13
•   Debra Johnson-Brown  6/12
•   Bob Wilson  6/9
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

7 live in Alabama
1 lives in Alaska
3 live in Arizona
12 live in Arkansas
9 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
15 live in Florida
11 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
1 lives in Illinois
1 lives in Indiana
4 live in Louisiana
2 live in Maryland
1 lives in Minnesota
81 live in Mississippi
2 live in Missouri
1 lives in Nevada
2 live in New Jersey
3 live in New York
8 live in North Carolina
3 live in Ohio
3 live in Oklahoma
1 lives in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Rhode Island
3 live in South Carolina
1 lives in South Dakota
121 live in Tennessee
19 live in Texas
8 live in Virginia
1 lives in Washington
2 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in New Zealand
1 lives in Switzerland
1 lives in Ukraine
17 location unknown


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!

Whitehaven High School
Class Of 1969


Our Class Reunion Committee has started work on our 45th Reunion!

You can now order Reunion ticket by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, AmEx)  or by sending a check to Debra Pace Branan (2584 Hwy 51 S, Hernando, Ms 38632)  Make your check out to "WHS Class Of Class of 69 Reunion".

We cannot accept credit cards at the door.

The tickets are:

After July 18th:       $45.00 by check    $47.25 by credit card

At The Door:           $50 by check; no credit cards at the door

In order to purchase your "ticket" by credit card, simply click on 69 & 68 reunion on the left side of the home page.  This site is secure and we do not see or keep your credit card number.  If you feel more comfortable, just send Debra a check.

Most of you already know that we are having a joint reunion on Saturday, August 16, 2014 to include the class of 1968.

If you haven't already done so, please complete the Class Reunion Survey (link to your left) so that we can get an approximate head count.


From the 35th Reunion



We will update the list of attendees as often as possible.

These are the people who have answered on the website so far:

Do you plan on attending our class reunion in July/August 2014? (you can change your answer in the future if that is necessary)
Member Name   Answer


Larry Adams   I plan to attend
Armstrong Avent, Pamela   I don't plan to attend
Armstrong Holifield, Janice   I plan to attend
Asford, Pam   I plan to attend
Avent, Barry   I don't plan to attend
Bacon (Wolfe), Belinda   I don't plan to attend  
Bishop-Wampler, Sandra   I plan to attend
Blankenship-Hart, Terri   I am not sure
Brooks-Green, Sandy   I plan to attend
Brown, Larry M   I don't plan to attend
Burris-Butler, Natalie   I plan to attend  
Butler, Jr. , Raymond   I plan to attend  
Carpenter Czerpak, Mary Joyce   I plan to attend
Cartwright-Berry, Kay   I don't plan to attend
Christie Owen, Claire   I plan to attend
Cody Hughes, Janice   I plan to attend
Coleman-McCann, Gina   I don't plan to attend
Cullum, Pat   I plan to attend
Cutler Clarkson, Cheryl   I plan to attend
Cutler Wentworth, Vickie   I am not sure
Davis-Underwood, Debra   I plan to attend
Dickson, Henry   I plan to attend
Dieblot, Susan   I plan to attend
Dickson, Henry   I plan to attend  
Doherty, Bill   I plan to attend  
Downing, Bruce   I plan to attend
Doyle-Stewart, Denise   I plan to attend
Dykes, Robert   I am not sure
Edwards, Tommy   I plan to attend
Edwards, Johnny   I am not sure
Emery, Clifford   I plan to attend
Finn, Nelda   I plan to attend
Ford - Hyden, Brenda   I plan to attend
Goodgame (Higginbotham), Marsha   I am not sure
Gowan, J Allen   I don't plan to attend
Gilbreath (Barry), Glenda   I plan to attend
Green-Clark, Sandra   I am not sure
Greganti, Michael   I plan to attend
Hammond, Buddy   I plan to attend
Hanson-Ritter, Vonn   I don't plan to attend
Hearon, Thomas   I don't plan to attend
Hill, Chick   I plan to attend
Holifield, Billy Jr.   I plan to attend
Holt, Donald   I am not sure
Hughes McQueen, Terry   I am not sure
Isaacs Martin,Glenda   I am not sure
Jackson, Don   I plan to attend
Jaco, Ronnie   I plan to attend
Johnson-Brown, Debra   I plan to attend  
Joyce, Doug   I plan to attend
Kiihni-Brewer, Linda   I don't plan to attend
Koban, Mike   I plan to attend
Kruger (Collins), Jackie   I plan to attend  
Lawson (Hopper), Betty   I plan to attend  
Larson, Rusty   I plan to attend
Little, Marlin   I plan to attend  
Mainord-Creibaum, Linda   I plan to attend
Manley, Nolen   I plan to attend
Martin-Burke, Sandra   I am not sure
Masse, John   I don't plan to attend
McCune Roberts, Yvonne   I don't plan to attend
McDaniel Underwood, Ginger   I plan to attend
McGugan, Larry   I plan to attend  
McGuire (Voss), Shelia   I don't plan to attend  
McSpadden, Malcolm   I plan to attend
Mercer, Mike   I am not sure
Merritt (Pickens), Judy   I plan to attend
Mitchell-McCord, Susan   I plan to attend
Moore, Larry   I plan to attend
Mueller, Bill   I am not sure
Nelson, Gary   I don't plan to attend
Nelson, Robert   I plan to attend
Norvell-Willis, Judy   I plan to attend
Pace-Brannan, Debbie   I plan to attend
Pace-Hodges, Ricki   I plan to attend
Parsons Laughlin, Anna   I am not sure
Perkins, Terry   I plan to attend  
Poston Rhodes, Margie   I plan to attend
Poppenheimer, Claude   I plan to attend
Prysock-Burnell, Patsy   I am not sure
Ragland (Harper), Diane   I plan to attend  
Reid, Marvin - (Another great teacher)   I plan to attend
Reynolds-Anderson, Geneann   I plan to attend
Reynolds-Boaz, Johnnie   I plan to attend  
Rieben-Hughes, Deborah   I don't plan to attend
Roberson-Jones, Reba   I plan to attend
Sanders Klier, Jo Ann   I don't plan to attend
Schmidt, Paul   I plan to attend  
Sevier-Mouchet, Jayne   I am not sure  
Schaeffer-Kaeser, Nancy   I don't plan to attend
Scott-Black, Annabel   I plan to attend
Sharpe, Ed (one of our favorite teachers)   I plan to attend
Shrivers Vaughan, Debra   I don't plan to attend
Simpson Dickerson, Lynn   I plan to attend
Sprayberry, Harold   I don't plan to attend
Street-Smith, Debra   I plan to attend
Swims, Eddie   I don't plan to attend
Tate May, Ann Marie   I plan to attend
Thornton-Busbee,Deborah   I am not sure
Traxler, Troy   I plan to attend
Trout, Richard   I plan to attend
Watts, Steve   I am not sure
White, Carroll   I don't plan to attend  
Whittington, (Hollis), Dukie   I am not sure  
Wilson, Bob   I plan to attend
Wilson-Winston, Sandra   I plan to attend
Wiggins-Brown, Donna   I plan to attend
Wiggins, Greg   I plan to attend
Woodul-Kee, Judy   I plan to attend
Worden, Billy   I don't plan to attend
Zelandais, Frenchie   I plan to attend
Zimmerman-Forrest, Ann   I am not sure

So far: 72 yes, 19 not sure, and 21  who don't plan to attend.

If we have your intentions wrong on this list, please drop a note to Bill Doherty: 


Welcome to the Whitehaven High Class Of 1969 web site.  Log in at the box to the right.  Only Whitehaven Class of 1969 members can access this site.  This is to protect your privacy.  After you log on we will send you an email with your log on info.  You will then be able to get onto the site.  We have classmate in 30 states and  3 countries.  Use the box at the right to see who lives near you.

This website belongs to our class. 

Website info:
Click on Classmate profiles.  If you see someone there that you were friends with, click on their name and drop them a note.  If you have an old friend that you want to get in touch with who hasn't logged on yet, drop us a note.  We may be able to help you.

Your graduation pictures (from the yearbook) have been uploaded.    Go to the "Classmates Profiles" pages and click on "Show Yearbook Photo".  For our classmates that weren't in the yearbook for one reason or another, email a picture from back then and I will add it to that part of the website.  If you need to send it by regular mail, send me a note and I'll email you my address. .  If you have a better graduation picture you can also send that to us and we'll swap them out.